WAVERUNNER Beach Straw Hat for Adults or Kids - Wide Brim Sun Hat, UPF 50+ Protection


WAVERUNNER Beach Straw Hat for Kids - Wide Brim Sun Hat, UPF 50+ Protection:

Inner Lining 6 x 7 Inches for kids / 7 x 8 Inches for Adults

  • THE PERFECT KIDS STRAW HAT: Made from 100% natural straw, our lifeguard hat will protect you from the sun's brutal UV rays in a fashionable way
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Our kids beach hat has been designed to fit various different shapes and sizes. It stays snug and secure, yet not too tight
  • MELANOMA INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION APPROVED: We're proud to announce that our kids beach hat is MIF-Approved! Our lifeguard straw hat boasts UPF 50+ Protection so you can be rest assured you're receiving adequate sun protection
  • IDEAL FOR OUTDOORS: Whether you use it as a straw fishing hat, farmer hat, garden hat, straw beach hat, etc.. Our Wave Runner Straw Sun Hat is there to offer sun protection with style and comfort
  • WAVERUNNER QUALITY: We're a a trusted American-based brand providing millions of people all over the world with their outdoor necessities! Made of 100% natural straw this straw hat for boys and girls is lightweight and durable

Product description


If you're looking for beach hat, fishing hat, cowboy hat, wide brim hat, panama hats or simply the coolest straw hat you can find you should try Wave Runner straw hats for men and Women.

Straw hats, ultimately designed for sun protection, and developed into a culture. There are not many clothing items that are so tightly associated with cool hats and cool personality. Straw hats can say a lot about you, and if you're like us, you'll get attached to this hat instantly.

Ideal for outdoor activity

Weather you're going to the pool frequently or looking for a fishing gifts for men, weather you look for beach accessories for vacation or other beach stuff, or look for a cooling hats for men before your coming hiking trip, a wide cowboy hat or safari hat for men and women, or laid back sombrero party hats, this unisex straw hat will fit the purpose.

Style and Design

Wave Runner straw beach hats are designed with the finest details in mind: Full brim sun protection, trimmed edges, featuring prints of palm trees and turtles swimming, perfect for spring and summer, warm weather and fun to wear outside as it's a breathing hat, designed to last.

Comfortable fit and lightweight

Featuring adjustable draw-cord chin strap with toggle customizes fit and comfort. Made of durable and breathing fibers, making it not only stylish but also amazingly comfortable to wear for hours without sweating or feeling annoyed. In fact, these sun hats are becoming a popular item among lifeguards.

Effective sun protection

These hats are UPF 50+, sun hats for women and men. Don't leave on a boating trip without it.


So take a trip south of the border with us, and don't forget to take pictures, and we're always here to respond to any question or concern

Measures: Brim: 13.5 x 12.5 Inch. Inner circle: 6.5 x 7.5 Inch.