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#1 Beach Water Skipping ball  
The Wave Runner Mega 5.9 in. Football is great for the beach or the pool. Throw it – Curve it- Catch it and Skip it at the beach, lake, or any large body of water. 

Challenge a friend with some competitive fun -with the most skips on water or the farthest throw!

Take Playing Catch to the Next Level- Throw it, Skip It, Catch It

 Easy to throw –

  • Bend your wrist sideways with the ball in your hand
  • Release and throw the ball

Care: For the best performance, clean and dry after each use by rinsing under cold water, then gently squeeze the excess water out.  Avoid leaving the ball outside or in direct sunlight for a long period of time.

Whistler Football Whistler Football

Whistler Footballs



 The 8.7” Whistler footballs include a shark, gator, and dolphin.  These super fun spiraling footballs can be thrown over 150ft and makes three different whistling sounds.  The tail gives it a speedy and steady motion making it easy for launching the football in the air!  Great toy to bring to the beach or park with your friends.   

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